In Part 2 of this series on the topic of real estate data on the web, I’ll be looking at posting open house events as linked data with JSON-LD and the vocabulary.

Here’s an example of how google displays open house events in organic search results.

screenshot-2016-10-31-05-05-43 Event

schema:Event is the generic class for events in RESO Data Dictionary’s OpenHouse resource maps reasonably well to schema:Event  today and is actively used to publish open home events by Zillow, and others.

Here’s an example with mock values in JSON-LD context.

 "@context" : "",
 "@type"    : "Event",
 "name"     : "Open House 10am - 2pm",
 "url"      : "",
 "image"    : [
 "startDate" : "2016-11-06T14:00:00-07:00",
 "endDate"   : "2016-11-06T16:30:00-07:00",
 "performer" : {
     "@type" : "RealEstateAgent",
     "name"  : "Sue Showing-Agent"
 "offers" : {
     "@type"              : "Offer",
     "name"               : "Charming midcentury with city views",
     "url"                : "/listings/123-main-street",
     "priceSpecification" : {
         "price"          : "$650,000",
         "priceCurrency"  : "USD"
 "location": {
    "@type"    : "Place",
     "name"    : "123 Main Street",
     "address" : { 
         "@type"           : "PostalAddress",
         "streetAddress"   : "123 Main Street",
         "addressLocality" : "Oakland",
         "addressRegion"   : "CA",
         "postalCode"      : "94705"

Recommended changes

  1. New class schema:OpenHouseEvent a sub-class of schema.Event – this would allow google to respond to a search like “open homes tomorrow near me” from structured data.

RESO DD Considerations

  1. schema:name is a required on schema:Event but there is no DD equivalent.  Vendors typically use dynamic names such as  “Open House – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM”.  RESO should offer guidance for website providers in the interest of data consistency.

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